Bishop Willie

F. Brooks Jr.

William Smith


1 – Sept – 2023

Hey, I just read your entire book, and it was a great read and learning experience. It all came together full circle, and as I read and had questions, they got answered chapter after chapter. For example how you spoke about what it took being a “Servant Leader” and then went into balance and self care because being a “Servent Leader”, putting other needs before your own, leading by example, can be overwhelming at times. 

In addition, I love how you explained the benefits in seeing what a “Servant Leader” pours into every aspect of his life, like the gain of lasting relationships, trust, community, being a Faith walking example to other, and more. Beyond that I loved how you chose a few scriptures that you continued to use throughout the book tailoring them into the journey from beginning throughout the life style. 

Overall it was very inspiring and I’m proud of you!